Projects & Research

Real World Smart Charging

Electric Nation

Crowd Charge has implemented a solution to manage electric vehicle charging challenges.

This project is the largest field trial in the world of V1G smart chargers. We have recruited 700 participants into the trial and most of these participants are in demand management.

The project aims to investigate:

  • How effective demand management using smart chargers is an alternative to costly network reinforcement;
  • It will provide Network Operators the information required to obtain a demand control service in the future;
  • Collect data to build a better understanding of how vehicle usage affects charging behaviour;
  • Evaluate the acceptance and reliability to electric vehicle owners of smart charging systems.

Crowd Charge is providing the demand control system. Our Crowd Charge Platform is responsible for creating and instructing commands to the smart charger. Crowd Charge has sophisticated algorithms that decide which EV’s are put under demand management ensuring that user profile, battery size, vehicle type are all considered for EV’s that are plugged in. The user can interact with the system via the Crowd Charge app, enabling forecasting and prediction to be included into the algorithm

Summary of findings so far…

  • Customer engagement has shown us how to clearly explain smart charging to electric vehicle users
  • We have gathered a wealth of insights into how smart charging affects customer satisfaction
  • We understand how different cars and battery sizes affect charging behaviour
  • The Crowd Charge platform is working at scale in the real world to control peak demand for the network operator.

A full report of the project’s findings will be available soon!

Electric Nation is the customer facing brand of CarConnect, a Western Power Distribution (WPD) and Network Innovation Allowance funded project

DriveElectric, is the sister company to Crowd Charge. We are responsible for the customer engagement, installation of smart chargers, and managing the customer support line on the Electric Nation project

My Electric Avenue

My Electric Avenue trialled new technology to help electricity distribution companies manage the demands from increasing numbers of electric vehicles

In 2013 we were involved in My Electric Avenue with SSE Networks which was looking into how electricity networks will cope with charging clusters of Electric Vehicles. One of the main findings was that the intervention using smart technology has been predicted to give an economic saving for Low Voltage networks of around £2.2billion by 2050 in the UK

My Electric Avenue has received support from Ofgem through the Low Carbon Networks (LCN) Fund