Our Vision

We understand there are challenges ahead for all players in the energy ecosystem

At Crowd Charge our aim is to minimise electricity system and energy costs for everyone whilst ensuring greater security of supply

Distribution Network Operators

How do I manage the need for reinforcement due to electric vehicle overload?

Transmission System Operators
How can I access a low cost flexible balancing, aggregated resource?

Energy Suppliers
How can I attract electric vehicle owners who use twice as much energy with unique loyalty building services?

Auto Manufacturers
How can I make sure electric vehicle charging works for my customers?

Charge Point Operators
How can I make my products more valuable whilst ensuring demand for charge-points is not hindered by grid constraints?

Auto Manufacturers
How can I access micro scale electric vehicle demand & V2G storage?

We believe that managed electric vehicle charging can provide a solution to the puzzle of balancing demand in the electricity grid. We use real world data to design and build intelligent systems that provide smart, clean, cheap, flexible charging solutions that work for the individual and the grid

Vehicle to Grid Charging

Idle electric vehicles can make terawatt hours of EV battery storage and demand available. So there’s less need to rely on dirty and expensive power plant energy at peak demand times, helping to push energy costs and emissions closer to zero

In return EV users can benefit from lower costs or other incentives that make owning an EV even more rewarding


Platform partners: Energy Aggregators, Automotive Manufacturers, Chargepoint manufacturers / operators, Distribution Network Operators, Electricity suppliers and Transmission Network Operators

Get in touch: To see how your organisation may benefit from V2G and aggregated smart charging – contact: anthony@crowd-charge.com