Domestic Energy Balancing EV Charging Trial

Smart charging, vehicle to grid charging and home battery storage

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Qualified applications for the Domestic Energy Balancing EV charging project have now been initially allocated project hardware & progressed to the next stage. We are not currently accepting new applications for this project.

Thank you to everyone who applied to the Domestic Energy Balancing EV charging project – we are currently no longer accepting new applications for this project. You can register your interest above in the case that this changes and applications are reopened. For potential participants who have already applied; you will be contacted in due course by the CrowdCharge projects team to inform you that your application has been successfully progressed.

COVID-19 Update

Please note; all timescales for the project including charger installations are subject to confirmation based on government advice in relation to the coronavirus. Read our latest COVID-19 Policy Document here last updated October 2020.

Milton Keynes EV drivers invited to take part in EV charging trial

The Milton Keynes Council Domestic Energy Balancing EV charging project is investigating ways to balance the peaks of electricity use associated with charging electric vehicles (EVs) at home. Three technologies will be trialled utilising CrowdCharge’s demand management platform: smart (V1G) charging, vehicle to grid (V2G) charging and stationary home battery storage. CrowdCharge will allocate the different chargers and stationary battery devices into 12 participants homes.

The ultimate aim is for the use and management of these technologies to be available for EV owners to save money and reduce demand on electricity networks through balancing the load on the grid. An assessment of the technologies, and how they can work together effectively, will be published at the end of the project in 2022.

Project Area

To apply to be a participant on this project, you must live within the Milton Keynes Council unitary authority boundary. This includes the following postcodes:

Milton Keynes: MK1, MK2, MK3, MK4, MK5, MK6, MK7, MK8, MK9, MK10, MK11, MK12, MK13, MK14, MK15, MK77

Newport Pagnell: MK16

Olney: MK46

MK17, MK18 & MK19 are not eligible, but some properties may be borderline so require qualification.

You can use the postcode checker below to see if you are within the project area.

Check your postcode here

Project Eligibility

To be eligible to join the trial, as well as living within the project area above, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • For 8 participants: Own or lease a pure battery EV (no make or model specified) for the duration of the trial, and be willing to have a smart (V1G) charger installed.
    • 1 out of the 8 V1G households will be asked if they would also be willing to have a stationary battery storage device installed.
  • For 4 participants: Own or lease a Nissan LEAF or Nissan e-NV200 van with a battery of 30kWh or more, for the duration of the trial, and be willing to have a V2G charger installed.
    • 1 out of the 4 V2G households will be asked if they would also be willing to have a stationary battery storage device installed.

Whilst not essential for participation, CrowdCharge also welcomes enquiries from households that already have Solar PV panels installed. If installing a stationary battery at a property with solar, then a Solar Edge invertor will also be installed for hardware communications with the demand management platform.

Private off-street parking is required for all 12 participants so the chargers can be installed.

This project is open to residents of domestic properties only – commercial properties are not eligible.

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Project Recruitment Process

Due to the project having a limit of 12 participants, a space will be confirmed after stage 3 below if successful and spaces are available. As project lead, CrowdCharge will allocate project spaces and hardware, and has the final decision.

1. Complete the application form to ensure you are eligible to participate in the trial

2. If approved, you will receive a qualification call from the CrowdCharge project support team

3. The project installers will issue home surveys for completion to assess your property’s electrical layout

4. If approved, an installation day is booked for your assigned Project Hardware

5. When installation is complete, you’re now a project participant!

6. The official start of the one-year participant trial is expected to be April 2021

Project Benefits

Benefits for participants

  • Participants will be able to play a part in the future of energy balancing by trialling one or more of the following EV charging technologies:
    • Smart (V1G) charger or vehicle to grid (V2G) charger. CrowdCharge will assign the chargers as these are dependent upon your EV make & model.
  • Two of these homes will also be selected to trial a stationary home battery storage device.
  • Participants will receive an incentive reward from the monetary value of £10 per month during the one-year trial, assuming minimum participation parameters are met, such as charging their EV a minimum of 10 times per month for a full charge cycle.
  • Participants will be able to keep their installed project hardware at the end of the trial for the following ownership transfer fees:
    • Smart (V1G) charger: £100
    • V2G charger: £250
    • Stationary home battery: £250

Benefits for the industry

  • The learning from this project will assist Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and the wider electricity industry to manage the peaks in electricity demand caused by the charging of increasing numbers of EVs and understand how new technologies may impact the system.

Project Partners

Milton Keynes Council
Go Ultra Low MK
The Milton Keynes Domestic Energy Balancing Project is a Milton Keynes Council (MKC) and Milton Keynes Go Ultra Low Programme Innovation funded project. The Milton Keynes Go Ultra Low project is supported by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles as part of a £9 million investment into the growth of electric vehicles.

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