Challenges & Opportunities

The EV Opportunity

We want to accelerate the transition to ultra low emission vehicles. By providing an intelligent aggregated EV charging platform – our aim is to minimise both electricity system and energy costs for everyone, whilst ensuring greater security of supply.

It’s predicted that by 2020 there will be up to 22 million electric vehicles worldwide.

The EV revolution is going to hit the car market even harder and faster than Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicted a year ago. EV’s are on track to accelerate to 54% of new car sales by 2040. Tumbling battery prices mean that EV’s  will have lower lifetime costs, and will be cheaper to buy, than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars in most countries by 2025-2029.


-BNEF Electric Vehicle Outlook Report 2017

Annual Global EV Sales by Market

The EV demand challenge ahead

80% of electric vehicle drivers charge at home…

This effectively doubles a household’s electricity usage and peak load. Left unmanaged this could be an issue, particularly to Low Voltage Networks

UK Household Electricity Demand with Unmanaged Charging

The energy challenge

Locally generated renewable energy is becoming much cheaper but its unpredictable nature makes balancing the electricity system a greater challenge.

The Energy Challenge

UK Wind Generation

UK Solar Generation

Source: Dr Phil Coker – University of reading


We understand EV drivers

​Through our parent company DriveElectric we have carried out thousands of test drives and other engagement events over the last 10 years. Our “bottom up” marketing approach gives us an advantage over other smart charging technology providers.

Crowd Charge is developed using insights and real world data from EV users. We listen when they tell us about their charging and EV use habits. Now we are ready to help deliver this solution to your customers.