Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2018

The Crowd Charge team will be showcasing smart charging, and opening the order books for NICHICON home Vehicle to Grid (V2G) chargers at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2018.

Cenex LCV2018 takes place on September 12-13 at Millbrook Test Track in Bedfordshire, near Milton Keynes, and is the UK’s premier low carbon vehicle event. The Event aims to provide a showcase for UK capabilities, positioning the UK as a leader in LCV technology development and exploitation, and to build organisations’ awareness and confidence to adopt Low Carbon Vehicle technologies in vehicles and in fleet operations.

There will also be Ride & Drive opportunities; try the latest low carbon and ultra-low emission vehicles on Millbrook’s unique testing track, as well as a full programme of seminars highlighting the future of low carbon transport.

The Cenex-LCV2018 event is FREE for you to attend. The doors open at 10.00am. For a full listing of what’s on offer this year, please visit the website at www.cenex-lcv.co.uk


Last year’s event:

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