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Vehicle to Grid EV Charging

Balancing the grid

Balancing the grid

Support renewable energy by providing storage in your vehicle battery

Easy Management

Real-time reporting of energy usage and rewards accumulated


Ensures your EV has the energy you need, when you need it

Vehicle to Grid Charging Solutions

V2G charging equipment allows EV drivers to help balance the UK’s electricity grid by providing energy from their vehicle batteries to the grid at times of peak demand, benefiting from rewards based on time of use tariffs, and the provision of grid services and energy trading revenue.

The unique CrowdCharge platform, which uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide optimised charging sessions, enables V2G chargers to provide EV owners with cheaper, greener energy and ensures they get the energy they need, when they need it.

CrowdCharge is already being used for the Electric Nation project to provide smart charging to help manage demand from EVs on local electricity networks. Read more about this exciting project at www.electricnation.org

Now available in the UK for innovation and commercial projects from parent company DriveElectric, V2G chargers will be compatible with some CHAdeMO-equipped EVs (such as the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV). The chargers are 6kW bi-directional, single phase. For more information contact anthony@crowd-charge.com